This is it the big daddy of all mobile commercial evaporative coolers single phase power plug into any 240 volt outlet and works straight away once filled with water ,connect a hose for none stop use this big machines pumps out 35000 square cubic meters of cool air an hour YES THATS  CORRECT 35000 SQAURE CUBIC METERS OF AIR AN HOUR don’t be fooled buy some other manufactures that talk about square feet there machines are just toys this big daddy is cubic meters  so you can image how big this is now and why it pumps out 35000 square cubic meters an hour every hour none stop ,no down time with these machines commercial quality 10 year parts warranty


Inlet were air enters 75 inches a massive amount of air an hour being cooled buy this machine this is for a very large area were you need to cool it down fast
Outlet 60 inches at fan

Fan speed axial 3 speed direct drive (no stupid belts to adjust ever)

Fully remote controlled with hand control

With LCD control system and remote control

Covering a area of 400-600 m2

Water tank 350 liters

Has in built float valve ,connect a hose for continues use float valve controls water to tank

Water  gauge

Drainage outlet when not being used for long periods

Noise rating 68 db

GW 182kg

Dimensions 1970x915x2270

Program timer  24 hour clock

10 years parts warranty    motor,lcd screen,water pump

10 year structure warranty

any questions   shane 0411220328