This Mobile Industrial commercial mobile evaporative factory cooler is built to the highest standard you will ever see as these are my own product I stand behind them with a 10 year parts warranty .LCD screen 3 speed control panel and electric diffuser that swings left to right moving the air to all areas and a 10 year parts warranty

Gutto 36


3 speed axial type motor

Fully remote control

Auto swing diffuser fully remote

90 liter water tank with in built float valve ..just plug hose in to it and auto water fill tank for continuse operation

18000m3/h  thats 18000 cubic meters of air hour

Effective area 150-250 m2

Power supply 240 volt single phase plugs into any wall socket australia only


Weights 50 kg

Noise 54db

Dimmesion 1120x720x1500

ring for price and  delivery  0411220328