We have 4 mobile commercial evaporative coolers that will cool down your big area fast all with 10 year parts warranty and 10 year warranty on frame of all our range contact us for more details,we do deliver from our factory here in Melbourne daily to any were in Australia only contact us for more info on pricing for deliverys to your area
Evaporative coolers are one of the most energy-efficient ,environmentally -friendly and affordable air cooling systems made available today they are very low maintenance and are not so technical and complicated .we have 4 kinds of mobile factory evaporative coolers here in our range all with 10 years warranty on the parts only and 10 year on frame of machines all fully remote control and time clocks and programmable feautures contact us for which model will suit your needs


That’s right …buy cooling your workers your staff will be far more productive which generally means more profit for your business ..The GUTTO MOBILE FACTORY PORTABLE EVAPORATIVE  COOLERS   cool large hot areas far more effectively than regular fans

* Mechanic shops                                           *Sporting activities indoor or out door

*Welding shops                                              *Dance studios

* Factories                                                     * Dog boarding kennels

*Loading docks                                              * Cat boarding  kennels

*Manufacturing shops                                     *Beer gardens

*Foundries                                                     *Field days to keep animals cooler


*Fruit packing sheds

*Shearing sheds


Housing constructed of rotormoulded polyethylene,fan commercial quality,water lines/fittings all corrosion free most componets stainless steel,built in float valve corrosion free ,re-circulating submersible pump corrosion free ,Cooling media-cros corrugated angle,fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermoselling resin ,specifically designed for evaporative cooling ,,the best money can buy

These coolers will cool down any big area fast with a temparture drop that will be noticed immedialy,  the right mobile model is here waiting for you to pick up or to be shipped out

*Lot feeders

* Green houses

* Kennels indoor and out door

*Out door activities

* Festivals

*Restaurant patios

* Nursery spaces


Industrial commercial box Fans

Here at mobile coolers and industrial box shutter commercial fans we have 3  commercial industrial size fans that extract huge amounts of bad ,dirty ,polluted ,toxic air from your work site ,both in 3 phase and single phase 5 year warranty on these industrial fans call for details or have a look at industrial fan page or phone us 0411220328